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Guitar ‘Scales’ Section Created

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I have just created a new section for guitar ‘Scales‘. I will cover some scales and some tips and tricks I find helpful for lead improv. Let me know any feedback you have on this section, and any questions you may want answered.


New Barre Chord Theory Printout

This past summer I put together a two page handout for a workshop on Intro to Barre Chord Theory. This printout shows the pattern for the E major, E minor, A major and A minor barre chord shapes. It also provides a chart listing what chord you are playing in any of the first 12 frets, depending on the barre chord shape you are using. Page 2 shows how to group these barre chord shapes together in keys or chord families. This enables a guitarist to see how the major and minor chords in every key relate together.

Here is the Barre Chord Theory Printout.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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My name is David Southwick. I began playing guitar in 1979. In 1984 I began applying chord theory to the piano/keyboard. If you would like more information about lessons, or about me click here.

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